Restorative dentistry is a key field in dentistry. Its job is to keep your own teeth healthy. It deals with the removal of  tooth decay and replacing lost tooth structure by dental filling, removal , cleaning and filling of inflammated or infected dental pulp and root canals, and also with prevention in the form of teeth sealing in children and support of professional and home oral hygiene.


When tooth decay has damaged the tooth structure, the goal of restorative dentistry is to completely and painlessly remove and replace the damaged parts of the tooth with a dental filling. We make highly aesthetic white composite fillings from the up-to date materials, using a microscope or dental loupes, which allows us to have control over the smallest details and provide you the most precise treatment. Using quality materials, state-of-the-art technologies and with an artist – like sense for detail and imitation of nature, we can make dental fillings indistinguishable from your own healthy teeth.

price 110 € 
(including anesthesia, rubber dam, treatment under a microscope)


If it is necessary to replace a larger part of a damaged tooth, or to strenghten a tooth after root canal treatment, we make prosthetic replacements such as  dental crowns. Together with a dental technician, we can make them in such a way that they complement the tooth aesthetically indistinguishably from the original tooth. In addition, they provide protection for the remaining dental tissues. Such a replacement is also used to complete and protect the tooth after endodontic treatment. The crowns that are made in our clinic are all metal – free.

price 400 € / one tooth
(including anesthesia, rubber dam, treatment under a microscope)


The so-called endodontic treatment should be done when extensive tooth decay or other trauma has caused a damage to the dental nerve, which is located inside the tooth. The aim of the treatment is to remove the damaged nerve (causing you the pain or infection) and clean the root canals from inflamation or infection and thoroughly fill the cleaned root canals with endodontic filling to prevent the re-infection. All this is done painlessly and with the help of a microscope, which allows us to control the smallest details of the treatment.

In order for the treated tooth to be able to further fully fulfill its functional and aesthetic role, it is often necessary to strengthen it with a dental crown after the treatment of the root canal is completed.

Our results show that it is possible to save up to 95% of endodontically treated teeth in the long term.

In new patients, we often encounter already made – imperfect root fillings, which lead to the formation of inflammatory deposits. Even in these cases, with the help of a microscope, we try to re-treat the root canals and save the tooth from extraction.

If you have a dental problem, then our restorative dentistry exactly right for you, do not hesitate to contact , either by phone or email.

€ 200 / simple root canal treatment

€ 300 / complicated root canal treatment

 (including anesthesia, rubber dam, treatment under a microscope)