Have you lost your teeth and you are looking for a natural feeling replacement of your teeth? Do you want to get back the self-confidence and smile again without worries, take part in social activities or enjoy eating your favorite food? The solution is Swiss and German dental implants, which we provide at  our clinic in Bratislava .

Dental implants are designed to look, feel and function like your natural teeth so you can be confident again in your smile. It is a replacement of the root of a missing tooth, which is inserted into the bone in a few minutes without any pain – guaranteed. In our dental clinic, thanks to our advanced equipment and expertise, we can most often make replacement for a lost tooth immediately. After the implant has healed in 3-4 months, a definitive replacement of the tooth crown will be made in the laboratory and connected to the implant. We can deal with the replacement of one, more or even all teeth, making the teeth replacement feel as natural and beautiful as your own teeth. The advantage is that when replacing lost teeth with an implant, we do not have to grind adjacent teeth to make dental bridges in order to replace missing teeth. If you have lost your teeth, dental implants are the best way to look, feel and function like your natural teeth again!

5 reasons why dental implants are so popular:

1.Natural look and confident feeling like your own teeth

Dental implants are designed to look, feel, and function like your natural teeth. In addition, implants give patients the confidence to smile, eat, and engage in social activities without worrying about how they look or if their dentures will fall out

2. Long – lasting and reliable

With proper care and maintenance, providing good oral hygiene and following check -ups (every once in a year) and the dentist’s recommendation, dental implants will last as long as conventional restorations on teeth, with a well-predictable outcomes.

3. High success rate

Well-planned and cared for dental implants, offer survival rates comparable or better than other teeth replacement options. And, as implant technology and techniques improve and we are following them closely, so should their success rate. People in good health, with good oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups have the best chance for successful implants.

4. Improved ability to eat and chew

Dental implants are anchored in your jaw bone just like natural teeth. Over time they  will help preserve the jaw bone and significantly reduce bone resorption. Replacing missing teeth with implants allow you to chew your food better and speak more clearly.

5. Improved facial and bone features by preserving of bone structure and early aging

Because the dental implants are anchored in the jaw like natural teeth, they have a stimulating effect on the bone and significantly help to maintain its amount. They reduce the resorption of bone and prevent deterioration of remaining oral structures that results in loss of jawbone height which causes signs of facial aging.

Would you like more information about  dental implants in Bratislava ?

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