The fixed braces are still frequently used appliance for the treatment of malocclusion. They provide controlled movement of the teeth in desired directions. They consist of metal or ceramic brackets bonded on the front surfaces of the teeth connected by metal wire. Orthodontic wires are inserted into the brackets, providing the movements of the teeth. Wires are to be exchanged during the treatment and thus gradually shape the dental arch in desired form. In most patients, it is necessary to put on a fixed appliance both in the upper and lower jaw in order to achieve a proper bite. The resulting correct articulation of the teeth will ensure long-term stability of the treatment result and the correct function of the teeth.

Braces can be in metal or more aesthetic – ceramic variant.

price 2100 – 2600 € 
(price for both jaws, approximately 1.5 years of treatment, no complications)


Are you interested in an invisible toothbrush (Invisalign) and want to know more about it? Click here .

price 3990 € 
(price for both jaws, approximately 1.5 years of treatment, no complications)


It is indicated in children. It is a resin plate combined with or without a screw. It can often serve as a pre-treatment for more complex defects, or as a definitive apparatus for the treatment of some dental defects in a given period. The disadvantage of the scanning devices is the fact that they allow only limited movement of the teeth and also that their effectiveness depends on the cooperation of the patient, who must wear the device regularly. Nevertheless, removable devices have their use, especially in smaller patients to deal with minor defects, e.g. bites of individual teeth, crossed bite, significant pre-bite with a higher risk of injury to the upper incisors, narrow upper jaw, etc. Sensing devices are also used after the end of treatment with a fixed device to maintain the achieved position of the teeth (so-called retention phase) and are called retention plates.

If you are interested in a toothpick, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to advise you and prepare a solution for your complete satisfaction.

price 150 € / one jaw